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The Million Dollar Doodle
The Million Dollar Doodle

The Million Dollar Doodle

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How to Play Video

  • Number of Players: 4-7
  • Playing Time: 30-60 mins
  • Recommended Ages: 14+

The Million Dollar Doodle 

For your next party game night, you’ll play the role of a visionary startup founder. You’re tasked with creating THE NEXT BIG THING: a product so exciting, so strange and unique... that you will have investors and customers jumping on board… or, well, at least you’ll get a lot of laughs at your amazing (and often straight up weird) idea. To spark your creativity, we provide you, and your friends and family with The Million Dollar Doodle, an entrepreneurship-themed party game all about inventing cool new products and companies. 


In The Million Dollar Doodle, everyone gets to bring out their creative side AND crack each other up when they pitch the funny, “brilliant” companies and products they create together.

How to Play Summary:

  1. Each player receives two “Logo Component” cards (e.g. “Fireworks” and “A super happy fish”), and draws a Logo that combines them (e.g. a smiling fish with fireworks bursting out of its fins). 

  2. Players pass their logos in a circle, and one by one, other players add a Company Name, Slogan, and online Review inspired by the original Logo. 

  3. Players pass their pads one last time, and everyone takes turns pitching the companies/products they’ve created to their friends and family (e.g. a seafood restaurant that cooks your fish right at your table using the best patented firework technology).

  4. Everyone votes on which company they like best, and that player gets a million dollars to launch their business!

Game Contents:

  • 1 Rule Book
  • 250 Logo Component cards
  • 7 dry erase pads
  • 7 dry erase markers

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John smith
Hmm... Are these verified reviews?

I'm not satisfied with any products that this company has created. There is only one review on this entire site that is listed as "verified". I would really question the rest of the reviews based on the quality of what I have received from this sub-par company...

Eric E
Great gift for clients. Fun for any family.

As a marketing consultant, I'm accustomed to creating memorable brand names, logo, and taglines. I wish any project was as fun as this game! The family loves playing and laughs about someone's answers for days. I even gave it to my clients as a holiday gift this year. One enjoyed it so much that he then bought one for his sister.

Fun for the whole family

This game was a HIT! It's a little sales, a bit of marketing and a humorous entrepreneurial punch. No experience needed...just creativity. The businesses we came up with had us rolling on the floor laughing.

J. Walcutt
A creative, fun game that's truly for all ages

As a needed respite from Netflix and pandemic boredom, we tried this game out. We were pleasantly surprised. Although the recommended age is 14+, our five-year-old got really into it. Let me tell you, there are few things as entertaining as a kindergartner pitching business ideas for fictitious companies (anyone care to try some patented "Rainbow Ice Cream" from Elsa, Olaf and Unicorn Cafe?). Needless to say, Million Dollar Doodle has made a great addition to our newly started Friday evening game night.