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Our Values: What We Stand For

We stand for Quirkiness, Kindness, Community Building, and Cheese. 



Here are our values. We pledge to actively live by them.

  1. We value creating games that build community, deepen friendships, and lead to laughter.
  2. We value excellent, personalized customer service.
  3. We value equality. We uphold every kind of equality, because all people are equal and should be treated as equals regardless of gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, age, religion, economic background, and any other aspects of their identity.
  4. We value non-hierarchical workplaces and encourage managing up. Everyone from interns to graphic designers to the CEO has the power to veto or push forward an idea.
  5. We value treating workers well along the supply chain and only work with manufacturers after we have looked into treatment of workers. For example, our manufacturer, Whatz Games, is certified by the Ethical Toy Program.
  6. We value paying contract employees fairly. All interns and event staff receive a New York living wage of at least $15/hour regardless of where they live.
  7. We value diversity and ensure that our teams, advisors, and peer to peer mentors are diverse.
  8. We value supporting community causes and donate games to multiple organizations.
  9. We value being open about and responsive to mental health needs so people can bring their full selves to work.
  10. We value fun and goofiness!

And it should go without saying, but because American society still doesn't full uphold THIS value:

Black Lives Matter.

The best way to show your values is to actively live by them. In an industry and hobby that has been dominated most of its existence by white males, here’s what BLM for Flying Leap Games:

  1. It means taking off work for protests and other events to fight for equality.
  2. It means amplifying Black voices in the industry on social media and at industry meetings.
  3. It means passing on opportunities to designers who are PoC.
  4. It means using our platform/networks to raise awareness about lack of diversity in the industry.
  5. It means working on diversity of the group Board Game Broads.
  6. It means sharing ways to diversify designers in stores with our retailers.

We will use our vote and our voice to increase diversity on the Board and Committees of GAMA, the Game Manufacturers Association.