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About Us

Flying Leap Games was founded in 2017 by Jonathan Cannon and Molly Zeff, two childhood friends of 25 years! 

We founded our company in 2017 to create quirky, funny games that bring you, your family, friends, and your pet iguana endless game nights full of raucous laughter, creative storytelling, and memories you’ll have forever.

Want the “elaborate” version?

Well, waaaaay back in 2010 when Molly dreamed up with the idea for Wing It, she knew Jon – one of her quirkiest friends  – would be the perfect person to design games with her. She called Jon to ask him, would he want to make a game focused on telling stories about how to get out of ridiculous situations?

Jon immediately said yes (neither had ANY experience!), and their journey in game design/publishing began—the two friends came up with hundreds of random cards and dived into no-holds-barred, funny arguments about many a card, a tradition we proudly continue to this day :).

After publishing Wing It, the new company took off at a trade show when retailers loved it… and Flying Leap Games sold out just weeks later. Since that fateful show, we have published 2 more games, reprinted Wing It twice, and have 2 more games out in late 2021! We can’t WAIT till you bring a game home, sharing the fun with folks you love, just like we did as teenage friends growing up in St. Louis.

Since we started out, we really haven’t changed a bit: we’re still tiny, still weird, and still bringing you and your buddies together for laughs with offbeat funny games.

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Phone: 314.456.3137